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PageGate allows for network sending of SMS messages from any combination of the following modules: web, email, commandline/ascii, serial, TAP-in and windows GUI client.  PageGate is a powerful, scaleable network gateway for sending SMS or text messages to mobile phones, pagers or other wireless devices.  Numerous delivery options, including Internet delivery, modem dial our or direct connections to paging terminals.

Streamline Notifier - A hosted application that allows our clients' equipment to transmit TAP messages for conversion to E-mail or any paging protocol. Currently in use for remote monitoring of installed equipment (HVAC, Telemetry, Back up power generation, etc.)

TAS-Linkó Communicate to two-way radio connections through your office or call center telephone system. Call centers, track CSR Nextel and radio time through your existing messaging platform!

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Multi-Line Caller ID  & Client Discovery Hardware - We carry a complete line of multi-line caller ID hardware for computer business applications.  We provide a variety of products to capture caller ID outbound caller ID and other phone call information.  Our devices interface to computers, Integrated Voice Response (IVR) systems, Key Switches PBX's, and Pagers.  Our units are compatible with virtually all international caller ID formats and are approved for installation in 23 countries.  Our robust data format provides consistency across our product line, regardless of the country installed or the caller ID format in the region.

Custom designed hardware is also available